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On March 12, 2020, Governor Brian Kemp’s office issued guidance regarding State Workforce Readiness for COVID-19 to reduce the number of employees on-site at any one time. The guidance is for state agencies to take immediate action to implement telework options for staff who can work remotely without interruption to their duties. As a cooperative foundation, MCGF follows closely the protocols of our university and plan to initiate a similar procedure for the coming week. This will include telework, flexible scheduling, virtual meetings, and suspension of non-essential travel.

Beginning Monday, March 16, 2020, the MCGF will follow the above procedures while maintaining the continuity of business as closely to normal as is possible. With this in mind, please contact the office or members of the staff in lieu of a visit to the office. If you need to come to the office, please contact Diane Sifre (dsifre@mcgfoundation.org) prior to your visit as offices will not be open to visitors.

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