The MCG Foundation endowment is invested with a long-term perspective designed to support many future generations of MCG faculty, students and scientists. Gifts made to the endowment are received and applied to the invested principal with the stipulation that it remain untouched. The earnings made from the investment are disbursed annually to provide a perpetual source of funding for the purposes specified by the donor. Because the Foundation has a long-term investment horizon, the committee maintains a bias toward investments in equities including hedge funds and real assets. The resulting financial stability is crucial to mission-critical programs, which are primarily long-term endeavors. Our investment return goals are set to reach the spending rate goal, to account for inflation, pay for investment management, and realize moderate growth.

The spending rate is approved by the Foundation’s Board of Directors, and computed on the average market value at the end of the previous 3 years. This helps to insulate the endowment from market volatility and inflation fluctuations. It also ensures reliability in available funding and consistent support for scholarships, faculty and University programs.

Investment results for period ending March 31, 2019

Period Return Policy Index
Quarter 8.27% 8.89%
1 Year 2.0% 3.37%
3 Year 8.11% 8.13%
5 Year 4.87% 5.47%
10 Year 8.56% 9.69%