Endowed faculty positions are essential to recruiting and retaining the highest-quality educators and researchers. The best institutions house the greatest minds, the most creative researchers and the most engaged teachers. Building a strong faculty enriches the academic environment and attracts the brightest students.

Current Endowed Faculty Fund Levels

Distinguished University Chairs $2,000,000
Distinguished Chairs $1,000,000
Chairs $500,000
Distinguished Professorships $400,000
Professorships $200,000

Funding Levels for Endowed Faculty Positions. Set by the Georgia Board of Regents, Policy (BOR Minutes, Augusta 2007; October 2013)

If you are interested in supporting a faculty member by giving a gift to a fund that will sustain a chair, click here to see a list of all funds. Type the word “chair" in the search bar to show you a list of all available chairs to support.