Private donations are more vital to discovery than ever, due largely to ongoing budgetary challenges in state and federal government. Donors like you are stepping in to fill the gap to ensure that our society’s world-renowned preeminence in research remains more vital than ever. In addition to supplementing government allocations, private donations occupy a niche solely their own. They don’t replace federal funding; they tackle important work that traditional funding may overlook.

Private support allows researchers to explore, innovate and investigate in a manner federal funding cannot. These are the donations that unleash the creativity and enthusiasm of young scientists with fresh approaches and ideas. These are the donations enabling the exploration of promising ideas too new to attract federal funding. These are the donations that plant the seeds of fruitful tomorrows.


50% of MCG Students Participate in Research

Ranked 76th Best Medical School for Research

74th Nationally NIH Grants

46% of Research Fund from NIH

1st in Georgia and 8th National for American Heart Association Funding