Dr. George N. Snelling, III 3+ Program & Rural Healthcare Initiative

Endowment Fund #: 8386-P | Expendable Fund #: 8386-T | Type: Scholarship | Area: Medical College of Georgia

Dr. George N. Snelling, III graduated from the Medical College of Georgia with a Doctorate of Dental Medicine in 1975. He then went on to practice dentistry in Augusta for over 20 years. Since retiring from dentistry and focusing on his real estate investments and local philanthropy, Dr. Snelling has been a diligent partner of Augusta University, especially in its focus on training excellent healthcare professionals. As part of this continued commitment to our students and institution, Dr. Snelling has established the MCG 3+ Scholarship Endowment Fund at the Medical College of Georgia Foundation, which supports scholarships for Medical College of Georgia students enrolled in the MCG 3+ Program. These students may be selected on academic merit and/or financial need, and recipient(s) may receive the scholarship more than once during their academic career. The scholarship may be used for tuition, room and board, and/or fees. Donate Now >