Endowed Chair in Dermatology

Endowment Fund #: 8344-P | Expendable Fund #: 8344-T | Type: Program | Area: Medical College of Georgia | Department: Dermatology

The purpose of this endowment is to create a chair for the Division of Dermatology at the Medical College of Georgia, Augusta Campus. The intent of this chair is to enable the Division of Dermatology to continue to grow by attracting new faculty which will allow them to regain departmental status in the near future. It is the wish of the donor to see joint and deliberate steps being taken over the next 5 years by the Medical College of Georgia and the Division of Dermatology towards recruiting and maintaining a larger Dermatology faculty so that the departmental status can be obtained/restored within a five-year period. Should the original purpose of this gift be unable to be fulfilled and no longer be needed because of closure of the Dermatology residency program at the Medical College of Georgia or the inability to regain departmental status within 5 years, the earnings from the endowment shall instead be used to fund scholarships for up to 4 academically exceptional medical students from less populated communities in the State of Georgia each year who are attending the Augusta Campus of the Medical College of Georgia School of Medicine. However, the Medical College of Georgia may request from the Foundation and Donor (if alive) an extension of up to 2 years to fulfill the original purpose of the endowment. Dr. Callaway will give a name to the chair in the future. Donate Now >