W. Clay Adamson Landscaping Endowment

Endowment Fund #: 7001-P | Expendable Fund #: 7001-T | Type: Award | Area: Administration | Department: Facilities

The Clay Adamson Employee of the Year Award is meant to be a very prestigious program to recognize meritorious job performance during the last year by Facilities Management Division Employees. Only full time MCG employees involved in facilities and physical plant support work for the campus are eligible for this award, excluding senior management, department head positions, contractors and Facilities employees who are presently serving on a panel or committee reviewing nominations for the Clay Adamson Employee of the Year award. All campus employees have the opportunity to nominate a candidate. The nominated employee’s department manager may enhance and will validate each nomination with the assistance of their department panel and/or FMD Recognition Subcommittee.
The campus Employee Advisory and Facilities Management Division Committees will administer this employee recognition program.
Finalists for the Clay Adamson Employee of the Year award will be officially recognized. The employee will receive a plaque or sculpture, have his/her name added to the recognition plaque in the Walter Clay Adamson, Sr Conference Room and be awarded $1,500 (after tax amount). The monetary award will be set as a relatively consistent and appreciable value but may increase over time with accrual and additional contributions to this MCG Foundation account. The President will present the award at the MCG Annual Employee and Faculty Service Recognition Ceremony  Donate Now >

W. Bruce Davis, M.D. Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Fellowship Education

Endowment Fund #: 8051-P | Expendable Fund #: 8051-T | Type: Award | Area: Medical College of Georgia | Department: Medicine

Supports an MCG medical student or MCG resident who is going into Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at MCG, or an existing Fellow in Pulmonary Medicine at MCG who, among other attributes, should have already exhibited an outstanding compassionate & caring manner for his or her patients. Donate Now >

Virendra Mahesh, Ph.D. Lectureship & Graduate Student Award

Endowment Fund #: 8180-P | Expendable Fund #: 8180-T | Type: Award | Area: Medical College of Georgia | Department: Physiology

Supports research and education in the field of endocrinology. An outstanding scientist in the field of endocrinology will be invited annually to present a seminar and meet with faculty and students to discuss research findings and new directions in research. The Virendra B. Mahesh Graduate Student Award will be presented on the Graduate Student Research Day to the best student poster presented by a graduate student in the area of endocrinology Donate Now >

Rudolph Bell Urological Fellowship

Endowment Fund #: 8153-P| Expendable Fund #: 8153-T | Type: Award | Area: Medical College of Georgia | Department: Urology

Provides financial support to interns or residents who are training for and who are committed to the practice of Urological Medicine. Donate Now >

John F. Beard Award Fund

Endowment Fund #: None | Expendable Fund #: 7007-T | Type: Award | Area: Medical College of Georgia | Department: Student Support

Annual award payment to the most distinguished graduating student of the Medical College of Georgia, who best demonstrates the same qualities of caring and compassion as Drs. Fran Tedesco and Mark Williams. Donate Now >

Hasan V. Fatteh, M.D. Endowment in Ophthalmology

Endowment Fund #: 8010-P | Expendable Fund #: 8010-T | Type: Award | Area: Medical College of Georgia | Department: Ophthalmology

Provides a monetary award to the resident with the highest Ophthalmic Knowledge Assessment Program (OKAP) score. Donate Now >

Daniel W. Rahn, MD-Lamar B. Peacock, MD Internal Medicine Residency Program Research and Education

Endowment Fund #: 8054-P | Expendable Fund #: 8054-T | Type: Award | Area: Medical College of Georgia | Department: Medicine

Provides funds to resident physicians in the internal medicine residency program for travel related expenses including registration, transportation, accommodations, lodging, food and/or incidentals when attending meetings at which they will present at a national or regional meeting and/or in representing MCG. In addition, may be used for resident awards, future repairs and maintenance, furniture and fixtures, video equipment and computers for the Peacock Resident Library. Donate Now >

Bert Brown Scholarship Endowment

Endowment Fund #: 8095-P | Expendable Fund #: 8095-T | Type: Award | Area: Medical College of Georgia | Department: Orthopedic Surgery

Supports residents in training in the Orthopedics residency program, who have demonstrated outstanding performance on the orthopedic-in-training exam. An award may be made to a resident completing his final year of training, who has demonstrated superior performance during the entire residency program. Donate Now >