Policies and Forms

The Medical College of Georgia Foundation is here to assist the Medical College and Augusta University business managers, staff and faculty. If you have any questions, please contact the main MCGF office at (706) 823-5500.


   Check Request
   Deposit Form
   Fund Access Request
   Fund Change Request
   Gift Pledge
  Fund Agreement – Endowment
   Fund Agreement – Expendable
   Acceptance of Real Property
   Gift-In-Kind Transmittal
   Securities Transmittal
   Attachment A:  Justification of Meals & Entertainment
   Attachment A:  Continuation Sheet
   Attachment B:  Equipment Acquisition


   Disbursement Policy
   Gift Acceptance Policy
   MCGF Fund Maintenance and Administration
   Minimum Funding Levels
   Property Acceptance Procedure
   Real Estate Policy Statement
   Property Questionnaire
   Non-Sponsored Project Process