Support the Class of 1971

Support the Class of 1971/Bobby Jones Scholarship

We are pleased that our scholarship named after our classmate Bobby Jones will provide scholarships to medical students in perpetuity and keep his legacy alive for generations. The MCG Class of 1971 / Dr. Bobby Jones Scholarship has reached $107,799, and ten students have benefitted from the award since its inception.

The student who benefitted this year is Matthew Tron who if focusing on pediatrics and will graduate in 2020.

Remember that our class goal is to grow the MCG Class of 1971 / Dr. Bobby Jones scholarship to $880,000 by our 50th class reunion in April of 2021. This endowment level would provide enough to cover the cost of one full year of medical school. Gifts can include cash, stock, IRA rollovers and bequests. If you have any questions about the types of contributions that can be made, please contact Ralph Alee, at 706-721-7343. If you would like to declare your estate gift intentions in writing, we have enclosed a document for your convenience. Last year, we raised the most in a single year for this scholarship, eclipsing $6,000. Let’s keep this up as 2021 will be here before we know it.

Learn more about Bobby Jones here.