Gift Annuities

We will pay you a guaranteed fixed income for life-in return for your charitable gift to us-through a charitable gift annuity. If you are married, your spouse can also be guaranteed the same fixed income for his or her life.

When you create a charitable gift annuity, you also receive a significant income tax charitable contribution deduction. There are also capital gains advantages if you fund the annuity with appreciated stock.

The rate of return you receive depends upon your age (and, if applicable, the age of your spouse) at the time of your gift. The older you are, the higher the rate of return. You can be assured of receiving the same annual income from us-on a quarterly or other periodic basis-no matter what happens to the stock market or interest rates. And, a portion of each income payment from us will be tax-free!

If you would like to learn more about Charitable Gift Annuities, please request our Guide to Planned Giving.

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