A gift of appreciated stock is a great way to support MCG while avoiding capital gains tax and taking a charitable deduction. Gifts of stocks and bonds are valued as the average price between the highest and lowest quoted selling prices on the valuation date. Ordinarily, the date of the contribution of stocks and bonds is the date that the transfer of property takes place. You may make electronic or physical stock transfers to the Foundation.

For further inquiries or to notify the Foundation of your intent to make a gift of stock or bond, please call (706) 823-5510, toll-free (877) 823-5501

Process for Electronic (Stock) Transfers

  • Medical College of Georgia Foundation, Inc. uses State Street Bank and Trust Company, 200 Newport Avenue-JQB3, North Quincy, MA  02171
  • MCG Foundation account number is Fund MCG1, #00350595
  • MCG Foundation DTC number is #997
  • Each transaction by the broker should also list the donor’s name and address to ensure proper gift credit
  • Federal identification for the MCG Foundation is 58-0706796

To ensure accurate and timely processing, please notify the Foundation of your intent to make a gift of stocks or bonds prior to the transfer.