The Blevins Fund for the HHT Center of Excellence

Endowment Fund #: None | Expendable Fund #: 8407-T | Type: Program | Area: Medical College of Georgia

The purpose of this fund is to create dedicated funding for HHT at the Medical College of Georgia. It is the wish of the donors to protect the operations and growth of the HHT efforts of the faculty and staff of MCG, as it is the only HHT Center for Excellence in the Southeast region and so is essential to the wellbeing of many patients. The Donors also recognize the current HHT Center Director, Dr. James R. Gossage, M.D., for his years of dedication and excellence in all areas of HHT. When the Director changes from Dr. Gossage, the initial donor shall be notified.

The fund can be used solely to support The HHT Center for Excellence at the Medical College of Georgia and its needs and efforts including staffing, training, research, equipment and supplies, and patient care and advocacy. This is a restricted donation. Donate Now >